Tanki Ki Ghanti

टंकी की घंटी बजाओ, ढेर सारा पानी बचाओ

It is an end-to-end and very cost effective solution to save water and electricity. It reminds the citizens to switch off the motor pump when the water tank is about to get full.

The enviro friendly product with installation, avoids wastage of water through overrun of the motor pump. It is a very revolutionary and yet simple idea with a great social cause, started its operation on the World Environment Day 5th June 2018 with 150+ happy end-users as on today.

Tanki ki Ghanti is suitable for home, clinic, office, shop, colony, schools and many such premises. Currently, it is available in Vadodara city.

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  1. Feel proud citizen by saving water and electricity - always, every day.
  2. Convenience. Need not to worry
  3. Saves water around 2500 litre onwards per annum depending on the case
  4. 3 months warranty on Tanki Ki Ghanti device
  5. No dirty street, terrace or compound - Be a part of Clean India movement

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Product and Pricing

Device with Installation

Rs. 490 : Device, Installation by technician and 10 meter wire.
Additional wire will be charged as Rs. 15 per meter.
The charges will be different for conceal or different types of installation.

Device alone - Installation Do-It-Yourself

Rs. 150 per device. You can collect from our office.
If you want it to be couriered, courier charges to be paid extra as actual.

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About us

Tanki Ki Ghanti is not-for-profit social initiative by Innovator and serial entrepreneur Suresh Purohit (Su_hit). Suresh is also a founder of OliveTrips.com, PharmaCupboard.com, PharmaCupboard Power and Quizousie. He is also a founding member of Vadodara Innovation Council.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Tanki ki Ghanti will be installed at the place notified by you in next few days. We shall make a call to confirm the same.
  2. The payment has to be in cash or cheque or DD or by PayTM at the time of installation.
  3. We provide 3 months warranty on the device.
  4. The charges will be taken as per the latest estimate shared by our representative by visiting the place of installation.
  5. The charges depends on mainly two factors: (a) Floor of installation - because of length of wire and fixtures, (b) Type and convenience to do installation of device, wires and fixtures.
  6. Please ensure to collect the bill for the amount paid by you.
  7. It is recommended that concerned head of family or representative of the organization should be present at the time of installation of "Tanki ki Ghanti".

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Email: tankikighanti at gmail.com
Customer Care: +91 - 635 253 8032
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TankiKiGhanti